Universal Snack Program


At Pope John Paul II, we have a Universal Snack Program, whereby snack bins are placed in each classroom, with special attention paid to allergies.  These snacks are replenished as needed.  All students are welcome to take a snack if they need one.

The Universal Snack Program adheres to the following principles of the Canadian Living Foundation:

Nutritious and safe food regardless of family income status;
Community-based programs administered in such a way as to respect the individuality of the community and addresses its unique needs;
Cultural appropriateness, sensitive to and respectful of individual and community diversity;
Parent and family involvement, recognizing that child nutrition is a family responsibility;
A nurturing and caring environment in which children and volunteers can participate;
Teaching children healthy eating habits for lifelong healthy development;
Education of the public on creative ways in which children can be adequately and properly nourished both at home and at school.