Parent Council


Catholic School Community Council Agenda

September 20, 2018

6:30 – 7:30 pm



May Boucher, Andrea Brand, Nicole Mortelliti, Angela McGregor, Melanie DeSimone, Laura Bava, Amy Haigh, Natasha Mandru, Jenohn Strachan-Osadolor, Scott Curran, Anita Curran, Catarina Deliso, Jennifer Verissimo, Lesley Moore, Lisa Kovacevic




  1. Welcome and Introductions


  1. St. John Paul II Catholic School Community Council Bylaws


  1. Nominations and Elections:                        Chair: Nicole Mortelliti

Vice-Chair: Angela McGregor

Recorder: Laura Bava

Community & Parish Representative: Scott Curran

Treasurer: Melanie DiSimone


  1. Email list: Attendance list was passed around where everyone present provided an email address for future parent council contact


  1. Summary of 2017-2018 financial statement: Current account balance is $488.00


  1. Kindergarten Playground – Final Update: The kindergarten yard is almost complete.  The tires need to be filled in, new mulch still has to be added and we are adding colourful sand.


  1. Chocolate Bar Fundraiser – October 1-25: Our Worlds Finest Chocolate Bar fundraiser will be taking place from October 1-30.  Each family will be given one case to start with, however, families will have the option to either opt out from the fundraiser or donate $45 in lieu of selling a case.  The prizes for the top selling students will be as follows:

1st Electric Scooter

2nd- Hover Board

3rd- Drone

4th-Hover Board – This will be a draw for any students who are not the top 3 sellers.  Each time a student/family sells a case, their name will go in to a draw for this prize.

3 x 5lb Chocolate Bars – A student draw for any students who sell a case

12 x Stuffed Animal Buddies – An early bird draw for students who sell a case prior to a selected date


  1. Spring Fundraiser: As of right now we are looking into the Big Box Cards Fundraiser.  The time frame we are currently looking at is March 25-April 12.


  1. Transforming library into a Learning Commons:  Over the last few years we have begun creating a “Maker Space” for the students in the library and would like to continue to transform the library into a fun and interactive learning commons for the students.  Items that are currently available for the students to use are Dash & Dot Robots for Coding, Green Screen Technology, Chrome Books, and a 3D Printer.  New furniture and other items will need to be purchased in order to complete this learning commons and it was a unanimous decision by the parent council to use upcoming fundraising money to put towards all of this.


  1. Criminal Background Checks (CBC): Annual declaration forms are available in the school office for parents who already had their CBC’s completed.  These forms need to be completed before the expiry date of the CBC.  Should you wish to volunteer in the school or on parent council, you will need to obtain your CBC.


  1. Year End BBQ – June 19, 2018: Looking into food trucks again for this years BBQ


Upcoming Current School Year Events and Parent Leads:


Chocolate Bar Fundraiser – October 1-25: Nicole Mortelliti

Coupon Booklets – November 12-23: Natasha Mandru

Christmas Baskets – December 5-13: Nicole Mortelliti & Angela McGregor

Barrie Colts Game – Febraury 9: Angela McGregor

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast – March 5: May Boucher

2nd Fundraiser – Big Box Fundraiser? – March 25-April 12: Amy Haigh

Food Truck BBQ – June 19 – Nicole Mortelliti


**We will talk about any other ideas or additional events at upcoming parent council meetings


Next Parent Council Meeting Date: Thursday October 18 at 6:30pm


Parent Council Dates for 2018-2019 School Year:

October 18

November 22

January 24

February 21

April 25

May 22